Bong Cleaning


How to Clean Glass Bong

You may be on of those people who likes to keep on top of their cleaning when it comes to their bongs. But sadly many of us just cannot be bothered to clean our bong after every use or even every day or week. Check out another pictorial on how to clean a glass bong Some of us allow our bongs to get into some pretty desperate states. It’s far from the shiny glistening bong you originally bought however long ago it may have been. The yellow stained bowl and stem is a sight all too common to bong smokers worldwide. We often postpone cleaning it even after we’ve noticed how bad it’s getting. Resin can settle in the bowl if uncleaned. The resin is what gives your glass bong that browny yellow taint. Without frequent cleaning this resin can build up and harden, making your bong taste, smell and look worse over time. Not changing the bong water is one of the smokers worst habits. This is where the bad smells really come from. You may have witnessed or been personally responsible for leaving your bong water until it turns a darkish brown colour and is barely even transparent anymore. The smells it give off can be truly revolting. As the amount of bong users grows and grows it’s important we keep on top of maintaining them. Not only does cleaning your bong improve it’s appearance, smell and taste it prolongs their lifespan. It’s also not as big of a task as some may think. There are different steps to keeping your bong clean and tidy. But these measures are for when the bong has got a little too bad to go unnoticed. One of the most important measures you can take is to simply clean your bong after each use with some hot water. Using hot water fresh after use will rinse away most of those nasty particles long before they have time to settle. Doing this will definitely stop you having to give your bong a proper clean as often, if at all.

The first step you want to take in cleaning your bong is removing the bowl and pipe where the herb is usually placed. This is more often than not, the grimiest part of the bong to clean. As it sits directly at the source and goes unfiltered through the pipe and gains a lot of exposure to the smoke. Thanks to the water in the bong the actual chamber and main pipe usually require much less tending too. You can clearly see it when you’ve not changed your bong water in a long time. After removing the bowl and pipe, some people may wish to scrape away any left over resin which can be smoked later. However some people simply want to scrap all the dirt and start fresh. The cleaning process is very similar to the process of cleaning your glass smoking pipes. The preferred method by many is to grab some rubbing alcohol and salt. Any kind of salt will usually do, even household table salt. You should begin by pouring a little salt into the pipe while covering the over end to stop it all falling through. Fill the the remaining space of the pipe with rubbing alcohol leaving a little decent sized air pocket so the solution can be shook around. Whilst still covering the first whole, cover the second whole with another finger or thumb and shake. Be sure to keep a tight grip on it because you don’t want to be dropping your glass and smashing it in the process of cleaning. The alcohol and salt provide the perfect combination to clean glass. The alcohol will loosen and dissolve any particle which the grains of salt manage to scrap off. You want to continue to do this for a minute or two or until the glass is looking clean. After shaking you will want to pour out the solution and rinse it with water. Warm tap water is more than efficient for this. If it still doesn’t look quite clean enough, simply repeat the process until it does. This process can leave your glass looking good as new if done correctly.

The cleaning process for the main pipe and water chamber of the bong is very similar but they’re are alternatives. Again you need to pour salt into your bong. You can still use rubbing alcohol but should you not have access to it or don’t wish to use it then many people resort to using boiling water. This requires more time but can be just as effective. Simply pour boiling water and salt into the bong (If you’re bong is of poor quality or very thin glass you may want to avoid this method to prevent it cracking) giving it a swish around and leaving it to sit for a while, about 30-40 minutes should be sufficient. Again, you can simply repeat the process if stains still seem to be apparent. The rubbing alcohol technique may be a little trickier with the bong itself depending on its size. It can be awkward trying to shake around a larger bong so make sure you’re careful not to drop it.

Now you have the main parts of the bong clean you want to make sure the mouthpiece is clean. Although you may think you’re a clean person you are still putting your mouth onto something regularly and contaminating it with bacteria. For the top part of the pipe where you place your mouth you simply want to occasionally give them a wipe with tissue and some sort of antiseptic spray or wipe. Always make sure it is properly dry before putting down or using again. A simple tissue or towel can do this.

There are many other cleaning methods out there but this seems to be the more common and preferred method of many. It cleans your bong thoroughly and efficiently with minimal effort. But as mentioned before, the key to a clean bong is to do it regularly and not allowing all the grime and resin to settle in the first place.