Types Of Bongs


Types Of Bongs For Sale

The history and culture of bongs and their frequent use by herb and flavored tobacco smokers worldwide,has come a long way and the history is actually quite intriguing. Bongs for sale can be found worldwide and are essential as smoking tool used to enhance the experience of the smoker. They are a filtration device which is meant to provide the smoker with a cleaner and smoother result. The actual origin of the bong is debatable. Many people believe it comes from Asia, influenced by the design of the hookah. A hookah is very similar and uses the same concept of a water filled chamber and outlets to smoke from. However the bong uses a single main pipe rather than multiple flexible pipes. Because they are so similar to hookahs many people simply believed they must be a redesign of hookah and therefore also come from Asia. The term ‘bong’ wasn’t coined until the early 20th century when it was introduced into a Thai to English dictionary, translating from the word “baung”. So we also have Asia to credit for the English name for the device. However, there is some strong evidence to suggest it was in fact Africa that were responsible for the bong. It is entirely possible the Thais simply adopted the phrase for their version of the water pipes. There have been discoveries of various bong style devices all across Africa. However many people debate the true age of these discoveries and that is where the controversy comes from. Did it originate in Africa or was it introduce to the Africans from Asia? It is a debatable subject and there is plenty of information in books and on the internet if you want to decide for yourself.