Usage of Bongs


Household items to use as bongs

Many objects around the house can be used as the base of a homemade water bong. Many stoners know how easy it is to turn a plastic water bottle into a pipe. But the engineer types think beyond the average bottle and towards other easy to obtain objects around the house. Even though you can head over to many online smoke shops and buy a high quality glass bong for a decent price, the homemade options can still come in handy when in foreign territory such as a friends house or party. You can buy a boxed bong from many headshops that come with a soft padded box with the bongs shape indented into a soft plastic or fabric holding it safely in place so easy transportation. If this is outside your budget then home made options can be substitute. Fruit can easily be used to smoke herbs with, with some easy tunneling and a few precises cuts with a sharp blade you will be getting tasty fruit hits in no time. You could use many options, pineapples, coconuts, apples.. literally anything strong enough to make a hole through for the smoke.